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Meet your new data platform

Elevate’s platform quickly provides the essential data and actionable insights needed to make better decisions.


Data Platform

Clients gain access to a cloud-hosted data platform that can consolidate data from any source.

Product Modules

Cohesive product modules that provide actionable insights are ready for immediate use.

Fully Managed Service

Elevate's team handles all aspects of platform technology, from integration to ongoing support and product enhancement.

Performance Reviews

Industry experts leverage Elevate's data platform to conduct regular performance reviews with your team.

Product Modules

Product modules are ready for use within the following verticals.
Omnichannel Operations

Omnichannel operations can be complex as customer orders cross applications and organizational responsibilities. We provide end-to-end insights from order placement to delivery, regardless of the demand and fulfillment channel.

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Financial Performance

Pulling together company financial data is traditionally no small effort. Instead of periodic, summarized snapshots, we allow you to continuously compare sales and cost elements from live data sources to evaluate profitability at the company total down to the order level.

Warehouse Operations

Tired of fragmented visibility into the status of customer orders within the warehouse? We provide visibility from inbound to outbound for warehouse operational processes as well as current views of inventory.


What happens when packages are picked up by your carrier? Will they deliver on time? What portion will be late? With our parcel integrations, you’re provided visibility and analytics as to what’s going on with your customers’ orders from the time they manifest to the doorstep.

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Contact Center Operations

When a customer contacts you, it’s crucial to leave them feeling impressed with your grasp of their issue and that it gets resolved quickly. By integrating with your contact center operations, we supply you with data to understand the contact reason, enabling you to resolve the issue and providing a positive experience.

Adapters & Partnerships

Certified Adapters


Certified adapters include integration, transformation, business logic, and insights that are ready to deploy in under a week.

Elevate’s platform consolidates data from any source.

With over 50 prebuilt technology connectors, we can make your data available in Elevate’s platform within weeks.

Our Process

Elevate’s team handles all aspects of platform technology, from initial implementation to ongoing support and product enhancement.

Exploration is FREE

We work with you to understand business goals, operational processes, and current challenges. With key objectives clearly stated, we’ll explore the data sources needed to achieve the desired business value.


Our team leads the implementation effort and works with you to establish connectivity to necessary data sources. Using an agile approach, visibility and insights are provided in a matter of weeks.


We take your performance seriously. Monthly reviews with industry experts ensure that performance is evaluated from all angles. Your team has direct access to us via Slack for ongoing questions and technical support.

Product Enhancements

Our team is constantly working with clients to improve visibility and insights that eventually release to all clients. Users across companies can collaborate to create new insights that breakdown traditional boundaries.

Our fully managed service means that you can focus on operational performance.

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