Last-mile carrier delivery data is a crucial component to understand performance to customer expectations.  Retailers have been talking about the “Amazon Effect” on the ever increasing need for fast delivery, and it’s critical to leverage delivery tracking data to measure performance and identify speed-to-customer or cost saving opportunities on a near-real time basis.  

Here is an overview of a few of the key elements that Elevate Parcel Visibility Module, powered by EasyPost provides, key questions they help answer, and examples of how they can be used to improve your fulfillment performance.

Tracking Status

Where in the delivery process are my shipped packages?”

“Which are in exception status?”

Carrier tracking updates made available in near real-time allows for visibility in terms of what’s tracking to expectations and what may be delayed.   Starting at a high level, Elevate provides visibility to all shipments by status based on when they were shipped.  Then allows users to drill into exceptions and follow-up as necessary.

Shipment Status and Delivery Performance

Time-in-Transit & Delivery Performance

“What is my average transit time?”

Measuring average transit days in both calendar and business days is a key component to understand the success of ship to home fulfillment.  By combining average transit distance information with transit days, Elevate provides visibility to the root causes of long-shipping times.   

The combination of Elevate’s OmniChannel or Warehouse Operations modules with Parcel Performance activates increased capabilities to measure Order-to-Delivery times and benchmarks against communicated shipping times to consumers. 

Time-in-Transit & Delivery Performance

Origin & Destination

“From where are packages starting?”

“Where are they going?”

Origin and Destination is a critical component for shipping, as distance generally determines both costs and time-in-transit.   Elevate leverages these data elements to provide visibility to average miles shipped by origin and destination, identifying long-transit areas in the supply chain network that could be leading to misses in customer expectations and increased costs. 

Delivery Performance by Destination

Carton Details

When did the package ship?

“Where is it now?”

“When did it arrive?

One of the most important components of Elevate is the ability for users to drill into all shipments and see the underlying details. These details include carrier, ship method, status and timestamps through the shipment & delivery process.

By linking this data by package back to EasyPost’s tracking portal, teams are able to click through to review the shipment’s chain of custody along with time stamps to research exactly what occurred.

Package-Level Details

Billable Weight

“What’s my shipment composition?”

The other key component to costs is billable weight.  Elevate provides visibility to billable weight by tiers to understand the package composition of shipments by service.

Shipment Volumes by Weight and Service

Elevate’s Parcel Visibility Module, powered by EasyPost contains all of these elements in a pre-built insights analytics suite where they can be viewed in powerful visualizations or combined with other operational metrics. This provides holistic visibility to your fulfillment processes, and supplies the narrative to your customer’s experience.

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