In today’s world of omnichannel operations, customer orders have become increasingly complicated: crossing operational applications, locations, and organizational responsibilities. Each stage of the process requires operators to manage and track data to drive both a positive customer experience and profitability. Elevate’s platform empowers cross-functional teams with the toolkit and the data needed to manage these processes successfully. 

omnichannel supply chain network
Available Inventory Management 

When combining multiple locations, available inventory rules, and external drop ship vendors, managing inventory to sell online can be complicated. With Elevate, you get real-time visibility to what inventory is available to sell by item and location, along with in-stock rates and inventory depth to anticipate future out-of-stock risks. 

inventory optimization funnel
Operational Planning

Hitting performance targets is difficult without visibility into planned volume. We work with supply chain planning teams to provide visibility into actual demand volume versus forecast. This helps operations teams understand variance patterns and customer experience implications, which enables better real-time staffing decisions. 

Backlog Management

Manage the order fulfillment lifecycle: from order creation, to allocation, to completion. Easily identify at-risk orders and take action. 

order backlog
Processing Performance Execution (SLAs) 

We partner with your team to set ship-by or BOPIS ready-by cutoffs to measure actual order fulfillment execution against targets. SLA management empowers operators to ensure customers receive their purchases on time: from DCs, stores (Ship from Store & BOPIS), or vendors. 

order cycle time
Avoid Cancellation 

Final fill rates need to be 99.5%+. Failing to achieve this can result in millions in lost sales and a poor customer experience. Elevate provides insight into rejects and issues that lead to these cancellations. 

Track Parcel Deliveries

Whether it means 2 or 7 days, customers expect deliveries to arrive on time. Elevate provides end-to-end order lifecycle visibility to measure on-time delivery performance. By identifying why deliveries are late, Elevate empowers your operations teams to take corrective action. Real-time tracking visibility enables proactive exception identification to mitigate customer impact. 

geographical heatmap

Returns are a costly component of any omnichannel business. Elevate empowers retailers to monitor return rates by item and categorizes returns by reason to understand exceptions. With return parcel tracking, Elevate also helps retailers navigate the return order lifecycle: from incoming shipments, to return processing and refund payments. 

return reasons
Finance & Profitability

Direct-to-Consumer businesses have real costs with parcel shipping, labor expense, and supplies. Elevate measures profitability of items, orders, and channels by breaking down expenses to a granular level, thereby empowering better inventory eligibility, sourcing, or promotional decisions. 

operating profitability waterfall