For retailers to stay competitive in 2021, it is more important than ever to deliver consistent customer experiences.  To be consistent, retailers must have visibility to foundational data that allows them to track end-to-end fulfillment performance from order placement to carrier delivery.  

Most of the time, we see retailers tracking fulfillment performance from an internal lens, which may include analytics around the following events: 

  • Order placement
  • Order sourcing and release
  • Order acknowledgment and time-to-action
  • Order fulfillment and shipment

Evaluating fulfillment performance from order placement to shipment is a great place to start but is likely missing the most impactful leg; delivery!  Delivery cycle-time is typically equal to or greater than all of the events from order placement to shipment, so critical to understand when evaluating operational performance from the customer’s perspective. 

Challenges with Carrier Delivery Data

There are three reasons why carrier delivery data is typically missing: 

  1. Carrier integrations are complex and costly to maintain
  2. Sensemaking of carrier integrations is time-consuming, and each carrier is different
  3. Joining carrier data with other sources can be tricky, especially when using outdated technologies

The Solution

Elevate’s Parcel Visibility module, powered by EasyPost, unlocks carrier delivery performance insights overnight. Users benefit from Elevate’s prebuilt technology – there’s no integration for the user to build or maintain. Tracking and delivery data from EasyPost is currently available within Elevate’s Parcel Visibility module, with additional features planned for the near future.

By leveraging Elevate’s Parcel Visibility module clients can evaluate holistic operational performance, from order placement to package delivery across carriers, and measure performance against customer service levels and industry expectations.